Personal Care and Companionship

The Importance of Connection

Regardless of age, health, or where someone lives, companionship is a necessity. The power of connecting with someone can’t be understated. At Premier Choice Home Health Care, we believe that everyone, especially the elderly and adults with disabilities, should have someone they can bond with, talk to, and rely on for assistance with everyday activities.

Companion care is one of the most common care options we provide. This care can range from sitting, chatting, and reminiscing with someone to accompanying them on visits to see family or friends. Just because one is aging or encountering health difficulties doesn’t mean their social activities should come to an end. Companion care will make staying connected and involved easy while giving family the peace of mind knowing that their loved one has someone that they can always count on.

Companionship activities include:

These are just a few of the services that fall under the umbrella of companion care. If your loved one requires companionship services not listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our care coordinators. We would love to assist you in any way we can.

The Value of Companionship

When many people think of home care services, they often don’t think of companionship. Though compassionate caregivers can assist you or your loved one with a wide variety of non-medical needs, the importance of simply being there for someone shouldn’t be underestimated. Every caregiver is matched with a client based on their needs and personalities. We want to make sure that our clients can develop a special bond with their caregivers so that they always feel comfortable expressing themselves, sharing their feelings, and asking for assistance when they need it.

One-to-One Care Model

With Premier Choice’s relationship-based One-to-One Care Model, we work to give in-home clients either one Caregiver or a consistent team of Caregivers who work a regular schedule. This not only provides a consistent care experience, but allows our Caregivers to get to know each client and their unique needs. We customize our in-home services to each client, no matter their age or how long we are needed. Our assessment process is thorough, and afterwards we walk you through the best plan of care for your loved one and make a recommendation for hourly, 24-hour, or live-in care.

Complementary In-home Assessment

Complementary In-home Assessment

Thank you for the opportunity to provide exceptional care for you or your loved one. Our complimentary in-home assessment will help us understand your needs and make sure you get the right care. It also is an opportunity for you to learn about our services and how we can best provide care for you or your loved one. Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon. Or, if you need help right away, we are always available at (312) 221 1269.